Final Fantasy XII HD Might Be on the Way

I just read on Kotatku, that Final Fantasy XII might be possible depending on how well might Final Fantasy X HD and Final Fantasy X-2 HD do, if we get it’ll be for the PS3 and I’m very confident that FFX and FFX-2 will do just fine in their respective HD editions.

Final Fantasy XII Banner

Since the last generation of Consoles I think they’re the only actually successfull Single Player FF Titles. This is very good news I loved the game, never got to finish it, my PS2 broke by the time I was halfway to it and I have never got to finish it on PC using PSCX2 to emulate, also the only Final Fantasys not available for PS Vita or PSP and PS3 are precisely FFX which will come very soon and FFXII that might do, of course we are only talking main FF Titles, I don’t recall Dirge of Cerberus having the jumo to HD versions. As soon as I know more I’ll keep you posted!

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